Thursday, May 3, 2007

Experimental Sports Post

The P-G's Gene Collier waxes sardonic upon the Pirates "irredeemably flaccid offense" in light of yesterday's two-game thumping by the Chicago Cubs.

Crumpling to the occasion, the Pirates essentially stunk for more than four hours, eventually sending the adult portion of the audience muttering toward happy hour.

Adam LaRoche attempts to explain himself, and his .132 average, to Dean Kovacevic. We have no suggestions for how to cure this:

"I'm not seeing it," LaRoche said, his voice as quiet as his bat had been in grounding out twice, striking out and flying to center for the final out. "It's the ball. I'm just ... not ... seeing the ball."

Meanwhile, Ed Bouchette profiles the Steelers 7th (!!) round draft pick, Dallas Barker, a great big wide receiver who only needs to work on his speed.

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