Thursday, May 3, 2007

Must ... Pave ... Everything!!

Mild-mannered television news reporter Bob Mayo of WTAE hits the streets to cover the city paving controversy.

It now appears that although Ravenstahl is going to "study" or "look at" returning to a computerized system, for now he's more comfortable trusting the instincts of council members and public works employees.

We never understood the argument that since we have less money for paving than we used to, we must scrap the computer system, or it will keep demanding that we repave too much. Can't we, uh, just punch in a new number?

"That is a false argument," said Peduto. "The program is created to be recalibrated by budget. So if we only have $6 million to spend in any given year of the budget, the priority is given to the streets that need it the most."

It's a wonder what these new-fangled computing machines can do!

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