Thursday, May 3, 2007

The City Paper Election Guide...

... is somehow disappointing. Of course, it's not entirely their fault, as editor Chris Potter owns up at the outset: "This was supposed to be a different article."

Potter gamely tries to explain the sclerosis of our local politics, whether it's due to the withdrawal of Bill Peduto (whose internal polling is now approaching the mythic dimensions of Paul Bunyan and his big ox Blue), the crushing weight and prohibitive regulations of the Democratic machine, or the unhelpful incompetence of the Republican party.

Joe Mistick opines that the lack of top-tier activity this year is a "fluke," suggesting perhaps that it might be time to trot out other pundits for these articles.

We did learn that Jeff Koch chews tobacco during press interviews, and that Bruce Kraus is an interior designer. Actually, we already knew that last bit about Kraus, but it somehow seems more salient now that we know that Jeff Koch chews tobacco during press interviews.


We were infinitely more infotained by Potter's column on Rick Swartz, challenger for the position of county executive. In so columnizing, Potter goes here:

Because there might be another reason the Republicans aren't fielding a candidate of their own: Maybe Onorato, a pro-business social conservative, is the Republican in this race.

While Swartz goes there:

I tell homeowners: If you can't afford the tax rate in that community, then find a community with a lower rate. Owning a home in Uppper St. Clair isn't an entitlement.

Bloggahs: Where have we been on this race? It may be quixotic of us (which we just learned derives not from the term quizzical, but the novel Don Quixote), but for the next twelve days, wesa gonna do oursa part.


  1. This volunteer for the all-volunteer campaign thanks you. (If Rick is Don Quixote, are the buses Rosinante?)

  2. Rick should thank Dan Onorato for trying to challenge his nominating petitions. I didn't know he was running until then.