Thursday, March 8, 2007

Big Deal: It's Thursday

Rendell. Onorato. Ravenstahl. Lemieux. Burkle. Bettman. Six white dudes, trying to build an arena for a very white sport, in a black neighborhood. Because it was such a smash hit last time. We're just saying. (Belko & Barnes, P-G, or if you prefer, Conte & Rossi - Asti Spumante, Trib)

"Back then, the Plan B engine was driven by Pittsburgh ... This time around, the dynamic is different in a lot of ways." (Dvorchak, P-G).

(You know that Republican talking point about how Democrats are hoping we lose the war in Iraq? We anticipate Team Peduto will be accused of being happy the Penguins are leaving.)

Brian O'Neill of the P-G gets his snark on, translating the Penguin's letter: "A small but vocal portion of the populace cares intensely about this and we can play those sports-talk shows like fiddles."

The Trib editorial board is not amused, suggesting a name change to the "Kansas City Ingrates."

Finally, KDKA's Fred Honsberger held a rapid-fire forum, in which callers had just ten seconds to express their opinion on the Pens. The majority said they should stay, and a good number of those said, "We should keep them, no matter what," which TOTALLY strengthens our bargaining position, y'all! We could only stomach about a third of the segment before we had to sweep our Dell computer clear off the desk, like we were about to hoist a girl up there or something.

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    I think the Pens are safe..... Don Barden, I'm not so sure anymore.....