Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday Mid-Day Briefing

Penguins: significant progress, very constructive, yada yada. Conte & Rossi of the Trib somehow divine that "League officials favor keeping the team in Pittsburgh with a workable arena proposal."

The Allegheny Institute implies that the Convention Center is a sad, wasteful white elephant of a boondoggle. Joe McGrath of VisitPittsburgh says no, it's more like a jet airplane, or a sportscar that just needs new transmission, or some metaphorical jibberjab. (Ron DaParma, Trib)

District 9's Rachel "Winnie" Cooper: The dog ate my paperwork. (P-G)

PA Sheriffs Association sues to continue electing sheriffs in Allegheny County, rather than changing it to an appointed position. They claim an appointed sheriff would be held less accountable; they do not directly address if electing major law-enforcement personnel is too big an invitation for electioneering abuse and corruption. (Kane & Banks, P-G)

Who is that mullet-headed skeezbag, anyway? Why, it's British Prime Minister Tony Blair! Krokus rules, mate!

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