Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Screw Wheel of Fortune

Tonight at 7:30 on WQED is Roddey Vs. Mistick! We loves the Roddey Vs. Mistick!

Last week, we were disappointed in the Roddey Vs. Mistick. Somehow they failed to touch upon any of the political contests. It was like they were afraid of offending anybody. Which is not good, when you're the only intelligent political discussion in town, on primetime anyway.

The closest they got: they both came to a thunderous agreement that any suggestion of Pittsburgh having a budget "surplus" is really, really bad, awful, awful, horrendous. Awful.

The promo this week promises discussion of "the mayor's race, which may be getting ugly." Cited already was Peduto's charge (paraphrasing here) that if the Penguins go, it's Ravenstahl's fault.

Which may not play well for Peduto, because in the Comet's own humble opinion, that charge is pretty #cringe#. But since Roddey & Mistick have to cover it, we hope they also opine upon cost-recovery, abortion / contraception, tax abatements, and tax increment financing.

And please remember, boy-o's: It's called the blurghosphere. BLUR. GUH. SPHERE.


  1. Is he saying it's his fault or is he saying that Luke failed to show what it takes to be a mayor by failing to do any of the hard work? That was my impression.