Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wednesday Afternoon: Wha' Happen?

Ravenstahl on the impasse with the Penguins: "Numbers are numbers, and they present numbers perhaps in a different way than we present numbers." (P-G, Belko)

Gov. Rendell: "If (the Penguins) don't take it, we're going to be up in New York asking the NHL to bar the Penguins from moving." (Trib, Conte & Rossi)

Headline: City Council approves settlement for case against off-duty police sergeant (Trib, Boren). Peduto is the lone no vote on the $200,000 settlement.

The Burr Reporr dubs the privately-debated settlement a cover-up, while commenter Shields is Wrong says, "A City that suspends someone for 60 days for speaking out against Luke's boneheaded attempt to promote Regan gives a cop accused of serious brutality just 5 days."

Gov. Rendell's tax on oil company profits would be the first such tax in the nation, meaning the companies would file lawsuits to prevent other states from enacting one, snarling up our mass transit proceeds for months at least. (P-G, Barnes)

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