Friday, March 9, 2007

Finally Got Around to These Guys

"My personal beliefs are what they are," Ravenstahl says. "The use of contraception is an individual right to choose. I would never challenge that. I have nothing against the use of contraceptives."

This care of the C-P's Melissa Meinzer, who also has him saying, ""I'm a pro-life Catholic, but I do certainly as mayor of Pittsburgh enforce the laws on the books."

There still seems to be a little confusion as to what laws he'd like to see on the books, but Planned Parenthood agrees that the bubble zone for protesting around abortion clinics has not suffered under Ravenstahl.

Also, editor Chris Potter practically endorses his challenger by attesting that "Peduto is as knowledgeable as any public official I know, and no politician has ever bullshitted me less."

He gently chides the councilman for having sought the party endorsement, instead of rousing rabble on public transit and other outside-the-triangle issues.

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