Friday, April 6, 2007

Comet Totally Interviewed

WPXI news reporter Andy Gastmeyer stopped us on the way to work yesterday, and asked us about the new Downtown evacuation plan. Fortunately, we were blissfully, totally ignorant of this story. He asked some leading questions, obviously wanting to elicit the response, "How can we not have an evacuation plan already? I am outraged!" We tried to give a measured, nuanced response; we were fairly certain that the different authorities Downtown must have their own evacuation procedures.

We were sure Gastmeyer would take us out of context -- this happened to us once before with KDKA's Mary Robb Jackson. However, Andy selected a very neutral and representative clip from our interview: "I did not know we don't have a formal evacuation plan." He could have done us worse. He left it to another passerby to deliver the stinging indictment.

Then again. As we parted ways, we were left thinking, "It has been six years since 9/11. Why don't we already have an evacuation plan?"

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