Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Wednesday Quick Skim [More Updates]

Mayor Ravenstahl says he will add a $3.85 per hour cost-recovery charge to police secondary employment gigs. (Rich Lord, P-G)

The new plan includes a concession to the union -- allowing businesses to use entrepreneurial officers as "designated schedulers" rather than getting officers solely through the Police Bureau's events office. The bureau spent $30,950 in 2005 on software for scheduling the jobs.

Nonetheless, there was much rejoicing. (Burr Reporr)

(Pictured: James Malloy, police union president, c/o P-G)

UPDATE: Also Jeremy Boren, TRIB.

The Rich Lord selection above appears to contradict the Jeremy Boren selections below. Please advise if we are missing something:

"The whole idea is to bring this under the control of the police department, without any freelancing by individual officers," said Skrinjar, who added that all off-duty assignments will be tracked by computer. [emphasis added]

Police Lt. Thomas Atkins, who privately arranged for officers to work Pirates games, said he would abide by the city's decision. "I'm a team player," he said. "Whatever they tell me to do, that's what I'll do."


Councilman Koch & City Planning Commission: No new liquor licenses within 150 ft. of any two other licensees. Only for business districts of 7,100 ft. or more, that is, just Carson Street. (Ed Blazina, P-G) The Trib's Mike Cronin has a slightly different take on that last point.

P-G Editorial Board calls elected sheriff's office a "political patch," would rather have seen referendum ending it. (LINK)

Dowe's on 9th bankruptcy and closure dispute going to court. (Ron DaParma, TRIB)

TRIB columnist Eric Heyl gives the Ravenstahl campaign the Eric Heyl treatment.

UPDATE: The Admiral is back!! (LINK)

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