Monday, April 2, 2007

Two-Hit Monday

The P-G's Rich Lord reports on city EMS minority recruitment.

[EMS Chief Robert McCaughan] said he doesn't yet know when the impending minority recruitment drive will start, nor who the training provider will be. He said the push will look something like a 1991 effort in which the city recruited 15 African-Americans and women, and provided free paramedic training, plus a modest salary. Most finished the training and went on to become city paramedics.


He said the problem with the 1991 effort was that it was a one-time thing that only temporarily boosted diversity. He said the bureau should ensure that this time, it's a sustained program. "That way the numbers would even out."


"Let's start these conversations today. Let's Save our Transit."

Thus concludes Joan Ellenbogen, board member and finance chair of the Port Authority, in her P-G Op-Ed.

She identifies unions, the business community, and state and local government as three groups that "need to step up to the plate." Unions in particular have been "obtaining the best of everything for their members."

What I would do as soon as possible after today, if I were a union leader, would be to follow the lead of our new CEO, Steve Bland. In an unprecedented move and at great personal cost, he voluntarily gave back present and future benefits that were part of the contract he negotiated before moving here last year. Steve Bland is a true leader.

Editorial Aside: Is Steve Bland pressuring the rest of management, past and present, for benefit cuts?

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