Tuesday, April 3, 2007

From the Courier

Christian Morrow gets in-depth with the Oak Hill Development compromise.

Apparently, the Black Political Empowerment Project put the heat on Mayor Ravenstahl, and in turn the Mayor stuck it to the University of Pittsburgh.

“It was an exhausting, up-hill battle, but after 18 months we finally struck a deal and it worked out well for us,” said Resident Council President Eloise McDonald. “Pitt got Robinson Court, but we got everything else. The residents are very happy.”

Note to our friends: Robinson Court, apparently, will involve a soccer field!!

Morrow also gives a behind-the-scenes account of Rachel "Winnie" Cooper's removal from the District 9 ballot.

Deborah M. Todd covers the 3rd Annual African American convention, at which Dan Onorato gave an introduction, and casino owner Don Barden gave the keynote address.

Money quote from K. Chase Patterson: “It was a fantastic event, but not all young people are down for galas.”

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