Friday, April 6, 2007

T.G.I.F. Odds & Ends

We know what you're thinking -- what ever happened to that Agent Ska business? You would think that after the first two days, if Mayor Ravenstahl failed to summon Marty Griffin for a confessional, there must be nothing to the story. You would be wrong.

Although things may not lead to the Sundance Film Festival as originally envisaged, the trail is not exactly cold. No less than two city beat reporters from a major local newspaper are continuing to make inquiries. Sources indicate that at least one of these reporters is "totally cute."


City Planning Commission meetings, if you haven't figured it out already, are just super. They're better than whatever you're likely to find on reality television; they are, in fact, your reality television.

The next major Planning Commission meeting on the PITG development is scheduled for early May. Can we tailgate on Ross St? We could park RVs, grill, drink, and pop discreetly in and out of the meeting room. Hope to see everybody there!


  1. You actually read my comments on Pittgirl's blog? I think that might be a first!

  2. Sweetheart, how many of us got our starts that way?

  3. You mean there's still some staff left at City Planning to watch?