Sunday, May 13, 2007

D-9 Voter Guide

Comet report of 4/12 Candidates Forum

Comet interview with Ricky Burgess

Comet interview with Leah Kirkland

Twanda Carlisle did not return our request for an interview. The Comet would like to apologize to all of the other candidates, to whom we did not reach out.

New YouTubage: The Park Place Blog has posted extensive video from a more recent candidates forum, featuring Judith K. Ginyard, Leah Kirkland, Ricky Burgess, and ACDC committeeman Furman Johnson speaking on behalf of Twanda Carlisle.

MSM Coverage:

Courier, Morrow 3/29: ACDC-endorsed Rachel Cooper removed from ballot

Courier, Todd 4/05: The ACDC endorses Ricky Burgess

P-G, Lord and Trib, Kerlik & Boren 4/11: Twanda Carlisle arraigned on charges of theft and conspiracy

Trib, Boren 4/19: Ricky Burgess responds to anonymous e-mails

P-G OpEd 5/01: Post-Gazette endorsement of Ricky Burgess

P-G Lord 5/08: Wide-ranging coverage of D9 contest

Trib OpEd 5/09: Tribune-Review endorsement of Randall Taylor


  1. "The Comet would like to apologize to all of the other candidates, to whom we did not reach out."

    You should be ashamed of yourselves because the public desires to hear from all the candidates, however you choose for whatever reason to only present those candidates that you liked or knew. Now in the last days of the campaign you want to apologize to the other candidates. I hope that alot of bloggers didn't take your blog very seriously since you conduct business like the majority who want everyone to believe that they are independent thinkers yet can't be ojective enough to present all the candidates. Even though I know these are your personal observations, I can't help but to read your reviews and then discard them because of your narrow mindedness of only profiling the candidates that you wanted. What you really missed in informing the public was that there are other good candidates. You would of find that out if you had only given yourself the opportunity to seek the qualifications of all the candidates. I support one of the candidates that you never mentioned because I know that this candidate is the best QUALIFIED. Still got time... seek out whom I am referring.

    In the meantime, next election cycle do the public a favor if you are going to do reporting then do good reporting after all we the voters are the judge.

  2. JUdith K. Ginyard is the best qualified candidate. She has done econonmic development, she had built houses, she has sold houses, she has done communitee events, she has made jobs avialable for the residents, she has had training programs. She has been fair, honest, accountable, she has intergity and she has been very transparent in working with the district.
    She has never had a bad audit of the funds that she was responsible for. She is the BEST choice for the district.
    You and most like you don't want good you want the same old same old type of person. This district is ready for a positive change and Judith K. Ginyard can make that change.

  3. Judith K. Ginyard stands on principals..a rare quality for a political candidate.

  4. Anonymous of 12:19 AM -- I did not play "favorites" with whom I sought out to interview.

    I took a look at the results of the latest committee endorsement vote: Burgess 39, Kirkland 32, Carlisle 21, Taylor 3. I understand that this is not an ideal reflection of who what candidates are best / most qualified, but since this blog is my hobby and my time is limited, it was all I had to go on.

    My e-mail is near the top of the screen, and I would have been more than happy to hear from any of you; this was how one of the Controller candidates arranged an interview. Finally, the floor is now yours; feel free to make your case in the comments, if you have not already.

  5. Vote for William Anderson...