Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Week in Comments

the allegheny democrat was a bad idea. that's why it was taken down. no more responses.. no more bad blood.
Amber, on The Comet, on her short-lived turn at blogging.

Keep Wolfe & Amber out of city hall!
la la, on The Burgh Report, reacting to the breaking Redd Up story

Krause, Ricciardi, & Jason Phillips...the three stooges of South Side one get all three....

Krauskrapsout, on The Burgh Report, also responding to the Redd Up controversy

With regard to the comment about a candidate getting "his ass kicked" let me just say I don't think that is appropriate. First and foremost, it should be a reasonable debate about issues. Despite some tactics applied against me, and despite my opponent's unwillingness to meet in public and discuss issues, I do not and will not see this as a fight. It is an election. There is a huge difference.
Patrick Dowd, on The Burgh Report, responding to a comment by "vote them out"

My first instinct was to describe it as anti-democratic, but I'm not sure that's quite fair. Rather, the editorial seemed to embrace the kind of paternalism that in my opinion is one of the worst qualities of our politics here.

Jonathan Potts, on 2PJS, on the P-G's endorsement of Dan Onorato.

In some ways, the situation is a little like Iraq.

Ed Heath, on The Comet, on the surge of violence in Homewood.

OK, so I work for King Kong and I’m WAY confused here. For months we’ve been hearing about how budgets are tight, there’s no money to spend, we’re not on target to make projections, positions need to be cut, blah, blah, blah. I swear on my Big Ben bobblehead, I even heard someone very high up say, and I quote, “We’re not making enough money right now to work on that type of initiative.” Really? $450 million isn’t enough? Good grief. I’m asking for a raise pronto.
Huh?, from The Burgh Blog, on UPMC record-breaking profits

I care very much about how I treat the people I interview, and I assure you I’m not thoughtless–or worse–, as your post would suggest.

Bob Mayo, on The Burgh Blog, responding to PittGirl (full response at The Busman's Holiday)

Dude, Get over yourself already.
You call a wardrobe policy violation "corruption", and refer to it as "disgusting" on other sites?
Patrick, on The Comet, responding to our opinion of the Koch campaign.

Both of you make great points.
Matt H, on The Comet, regarding Patrick and ourselves.

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