Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Moving Koch Forward

The gang at Early Returns says they're going to be liveblogging tonight. Perhaps we'll run in to them. Here's a taste:

Speaking of the Redd Up Crew, their manager, Kevin Quigley, was seen around 4 p.m. hurrying away from Quentin Roosevelt Elementary School in Carrick, wearing a Koch T-shirt and entering a pick-up truck with Koch signs in the rear window. He wouldn't talk with Early Returns.

Mr. Quigley's presence is a sure sign that Mayor Luke Ravenstahl views Mr. Koch's race as a key contest, since the Redder-Up-in-Chief is the mayor's close confidant.

The Comet telephoned and e-mailed the mayor's office yesterday, to see if he they had any response to the "desperate call for election protection" in District 3 due to reports of vandalism, harassment, and other shenanigans. They failed to return our inquiries as of press time.

We've always wanted to write that.

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  1. complaints are coming out of the three defeated council offices asking"where was Luke???where was his help.His money??"Quigley and Koch are personal friends long b4 Luke!!!