Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How's it Going?

Early reports of electioneering drama seem to have subsided.

Batting off of the bench, the P-G's Jim McKinnon reports:

At least two court orders have been issued to keep poll watchers and campaigners in line.

"We haven't had a lot problems. We've gotten some calls, but mostly minor stuff," said John Bacharach, a Sheriff's Department solicitor working election day court.

An elected constable "electioneering" in Dormont, and a poll watcher allegedly intimidating workers in Lawrenceville were reported.

There were also reports of "fighting," and "arguing," inside and outside the polling place at the fire hall at the corner of Hamilton and Braddock avenues in Homewood.

Two sheriff's deputies were dispatched to the scene to keep the peace.

If you're out and about, the big news of the day is that Jerry Falwell died. (AP-Trib)

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