Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spin, Spin, Spin, The Holidays Begin

This from a high-level Kraus staffer:

Turnout is higher than expected in the flats, which is Bruce (Kraus's) base ... in Arlington, where Jeff (Koch) lives, turnout is very low ...

The reason there was so much excitement in Carrick is that turnout was very high ... the first time we saw the results of Bruce's door-knocking in Carrick, we had to throw the numbers out, because they just looked too good ... but then we followed up with phone calls and it turned out he was right.

This from Camp Burgess:

Turnout is much better than I thought, and almost what I'd hoped for in the 13th ... and in the 12th, they had 800 votes as of two hours ago, which is just a little less than I'd slated for them all day.

The Dowd camp is crunching some major numbers, and we should be hearing from them shortly. Any staffer from any warring faction is more than welcome to tip me at the above address. Call those laggards!

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