Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mike Veon: Off, For Now

If it were that easy to connect dots, we'd actually do it.

Attorney Joel Sansone, representing Mr. Veon, said the whole case was politically motivated. "It's a political put-up job meant to scare good public servants," he said. (Post-Gazette)

Politically speaking, it is true that "indiscretions" relating to large public investments are quite unpopular. We'll see what the state A.G.'s office does.


  1. The Zapallas own you all.

  2. Does anyone else wonder why the Beaver Initiative for Growth case was tried in Harrisburg? When the supposed crime took place it in Beaver County by Beaver County residents. All of the witnesses that they called were from Western Pennsylvania. All of the AG's lawyers and staff were based in Pittsburgh. At what cost was this to the taxpayers? If the state had to pay for the travel and hotel for the eight witnesses it was at least $400 each. If there were 7 witnesses that had to testify and 3 staffers for the AG's office there from the Pittsburgh office, that is at least $4,000 just on travel.

    Corbett is going to end up spending $10 million in taxpayer money to try and prove that $4.5 million was stolen.

  3. We should just let corrupt politicians continue ripping us off because prosecuting them costs money.

    Which one of these guys do you work for?